London Kinesiology Courses

London Kinesiology Courses

Foundation Course

London Kinesiology Foundation Courses are suitable for beginners and also for those that wish to integrate it with other therapies. Carry on reading to see what, why and where. Also take a look at our testimonials, this is more than a course...

What will you learn

Class PhotoThe Foundation classes offer thorough training in muscle testing and over sixty safe techniques. The professional training course has over 200 powerful tools to gain results of the highest standard. All our courses have been developed, honed, constantly improved, updated and upgraded over the last 30 years.

Based on specially written textbooks and manuals which make learning enjoyable and simple, they include only reproducible techniques clinically tested by physicians.

The Foundation Course Syllabus is one of our UNIQUE assets. It was created by Brian H Butler and Dr. Sheldon Deal over twenty years, without whom we certainly would not have the syllabus we have today.

We are the only Academy teaching Systematic Kinesiology and we pride ourselves in having a team of professional advisors supporting us to constantly update the TASK syllabus.

From Level 1 you will learn what an amazing assessment tool muscle testing really is, by testing the digestive tract you will be introduced to the first eight muscles. You will learn how Kinesiology is a poweful tool for emotions with 'Emotional Stress Release'. You will get to learn how to fix energy drains plus a lot more, every level is packed with techniques all delivered in a logical, bite size order.


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